Mineville in the News

07 May 2015

Crews Battle Brush Fire

Firefighters are at the scene of a brush fire in Mineville, near Lake Echo, in the Halifax Region.

16 Feb 2007

Mineville Teen in Movie

Skipper Tori Lucas of the Eastern Shore Mariner Skippers Team practices at O’Connell Drive School in Porters Lake.

14 Dec 2004

Please Get the S out of Mineville

After 29 years of living with what they feel is a misspelled name, residents of Mineville want the ‘S’ taken out.

27 Jan 2004

Hurricane Cleanup Aid

Neighbourhoods devastated by Hurricane Juan can rise again with help from the United Way of Halifax Region.

Oct 2003

Auxiliary Power

Homeowners in one community have pooled their resources and come up with the perfect solution.

Sep 2001

Mayflower CC Award

When defining community involvement one needs look no further than the Mineville Community Association (MCA).

Oct 2001

Habitat Helper

Communities for Wildlife encourages people to come to together to undertake wildlife habitat projects in public areas nationwide.

Dec 2000

Tranquil Living at its Best

Many residents expect things like parks and trails will automatically be planned and developed.

30 Jul 2000

Eyes on Dumpsters

Cameras to watch for trash tossers in Mineville. Article written over twenty years ago by Kelly Shiers.

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