Christmas House Decorating Contest
and Bonfire at Bennett Park
Dec 19, 2004

6th Annual Mineville Christmas Party

Special Thanks To:
Kevin MacDonald & Paula Danyluk
Tim Hortons
Northern Lights Christmas Tree Farm
Tin Roof Merchantile
Lakeland Plant World
Pam Barrett (Pam's Stained Glass)
Francine Walsh for organizing
and to all the volunteers that helped out.

Our Judges :
Keith Colwell, MLA
Isabelle Levert-Chaisson, United Way
Richard Bonner, Atl. Illumination Entertainment Lighting

Awards & Winners

Merriest Street in Mineville award this year:
Dempster Crescent


1st: 6 Two Rivers
2nd: 6 Still Water
3rd: 24 Deerwood
4th: 653 Mineville Rd.
5th: 852 Mineville Rd.

Honourable Mentions:

41 Candy Mountain
167 Candy Mountain
230 Candy Mountain
1051 Mineville Rd.
9 Tall Trees
15 Partridge Nest
23 Partridge Nest
44 Partridge Nest
20 Deerwood
75 Two Rivers
79 Two Rivers
5 Still Water
9 Foxwood
59 Foxwood
56 Dempster
64 Dempster
79 Dempster

Have a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2005!

- - - - -