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It was a dark and stormy night...but thankfully not til after the party was over!!!

The 3rd Annual Halloween Party was a great success, with about 175 people braving the chilly night air to attend. There were over 50 Jack O Lanterns and they were individually beautiful and helped illuminate the path through the woods. All the children and adults who arrived in costume looked wonderful (Our MLA was incognito, as well). There are lots of creative people in Mineville!

The party was a lot of fun, due in large part to the volunteers. A big thank you to Crissy Sears for making the creepy body parts, rigging up the Biting for Apples game, and making the pin the nose on the goblin and jack o lantern games. She also baked delicious cup cakes which were eagerly enjoyed by many goblins. Crissy spent a lot of time preparing all these tricks and treats, and we really appreciate it.

Setting up and cleaning up were a breeze thanks to Crissy, Doug Colson, Cindy and Lawrence McKay, Keith Hodder, Brandon Hawes, Yvonne MacDonald, Lisa Myatt, Bart Cooke, Robert Sears, Karen and Terry Webb, Shawn, Emma and Jack O'Brien. The candy was given out by Keith, Brandon, Amy Barbour, Amy McKay and Hillary Hawes. Shanghai Willy creaked out of the grave to attend. Madame Tabi Taylor tapped in to her ESP to provide many interesting fortunes. Grant and Hannah MacDonald organized and were the Toss the Ring on the Conehead Game. As always, Karen Cooke and the Mineville Players put on another spooktacular play, "Five Timid Ghosts". Starring as the Witch was Alex Brown, and as the Ghosts were Jacob Brown, Kelsey Vanderrijt, Paige DeRochers, Brittany Sullivan, and Liam Cooke. Shawn O'Brien did a great job as MC.

Mineville residents consistantly show their generosity. Candy donations came from these households: Gould, Pierce, Hodder, Tanner, Webb, Vienot, Murphy, Delorme, Cooke, G. MacDonald, Y. MacDonald, Barrett-Silva, C. Austin, Mattie, Kennedy, Kohler, Giffen, and many others who brought candy with them to the party.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out in any way to make the party such a fun time.

Happy Halloween!