Photos of our second
Shanghai Willy's Summer Fair
August 25 , 2001

raft race

MLA David
Hensdbee presented the trophy

Raft Race The Hillbilly Yacht from Two Rivers defended their title. Congratulations!
Golf Chipping Terry Webb
Welly Boot Throw Adults Winner: Matt Golding 98 feet
Children Winner: Connor Desrochers 52 feet
Bike Decorating There were many entries and all the bikes looked great. I actually don't know who the winners were. Congratulations to all for doing such a beautiful decorating job. (thanks to MP Peter Stoffer for doing the judging.)
Pie Competition Adults: 1st: Susan Barrat-Silva; 2nd: Clare O'Brien, 3rd: Tracey Daneau & Cheryl Mattie (tie)
Children: 1st: Matt Veniot, 2nd: Samantha Mattie, 3rd: Scott Veniot (thanks to Mr. Colwell for judging the pies)
Flower Arrangement 1st: Shirley Bourque, 2nd: Sandy Mason, 3rd: Don Giles (thanks to Mrs. Colwell for doing the judging.)

flower & pie competition

the games
golf chipping coconut shy hot dogs face painting face painting

. . . and the dance