The Halloween Party was a great success on Oct 26.

The organizers (Clare O'Brien & Karen Webb) wish to thank everyone for their assistance in making the Halloween Party another great family event.
They wish to thank for the following volunteers:
1. Al Shields: set-up/ghost making.
2. Yvonne MacDonald: set-up.
3. Lisa Myatt: set-up/greeter witch.
4. Cindy McKay: decorating.
5. Terry Webb: set-up/clean-up.
6. Doug Colson: clean-up.
7. Guido Schneider: posters.
8. Murray Mason: Shanghai Willy.
9. Melody Jones: decorations/set-up.
10. Gregory Hiltz: set-up.
11. Frances Webber: set-up/provided tables.
12. Grant MacDonald: conehead ring toss/clean-up.
13. Karen Cook: set-up/path clearing.
14. Shawn O'Brien: MC/clean-up.

Candy Donations
came from many individuals and families. Some of them: Kennedy, Mason, Louden, Sullivan, Webb, Lachowiez, Hodder, Reese-Evans, Veinot, Webber, Hurst-Swift, Johnson and many others. Thank you! There was some left over candy and it was donated to Phoenix House Centre for Youth.

Back by popular demand, the Mineville Playhouse presented "The Mystery of the Flying Orange Pumpkin." It starred Jacob & Dylan Kaiser, Brittany Sullivan, Jacob & Alex Brown, Kimberly Bocking, Tyler & Kelsey Van der Rijt, Liam Cook. Director: Karen Cook. Stagehand: Tabi Taylor.
Ten Timid Ghosts
Read by Crystal, with the help of Renee White. Witch, Witch
Poem recited by Colin & Craig Colson, Emma O'Brien, Hannah MacDonald, Jessica & Morgan White.

It was a beautiful, warm October night. This set the scene for a great turnout. Thank you to all who participated. (The Jack-o-Lanterns were amazing, as were the costumes!!!)
Happy Halloween!