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Park Cleanup Day May 15

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Sawmill and Juan cleanup

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Beach Volleyball Area

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 122 kB

Tree Planting, Oct. 14, 2001

We received $2000 from Tree Canada. The trees and shrubs are purchased from John Rogers of Candy Mountain Farms at wholesale prices.

Home Depot Halifax is the sponsor of this and had a few of their employees out to help as well.

Sept. 15 - Bennett Park Day - Part 3

We completed the following:
1. The drywall is now hung thanks to Dollard Boisjoli and Terry Webb.
2. Topsoil has been spread on the road banks and wildflower seed has been planted.
3. The sofit around the building has been completed.
4. The building has one coat of stain.
5. Most of the remaining brush has been chipped and will be used on a trail around the basketball court.

The topsoil has started to arrive from Elmsdale Landscaping. It's really good stuff (all you have to do is smell it.) We have ordered 50 tandem loads and it should be delivered by the end of the week.

August 7th : First meeting in the new building

chipper & excavator in action

We received our building permit for the building on Friday June 22.
June - road works

June 3
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June 2
Bennett Park Day


April 14

The Chezzetcook Cubs helped with brush clearing.

March 24

We finalized where the park building is going

so we can figure out where the septic system, parking lot, etc.

are going to go so we can apply for the building permit now.

A preliminary look at the skateboard area we hope to build (by Jim Barnum.) What is nice about the design is that it will also appeal to BMX bikers and rollerbladers.

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Our HRDC work crew will be starting mid March. We have 3 of 4 workers hired and they will be starting at Bennett Park on Wednesday March 14

We've already put 71 hours into Bennett Park getting the road into it cleared . We have now the permit from the N.S. Dept. of Transportation to put the road in. We are still looking to find fill at the best price possible. We are also considering having a saw mill operator cut the logs on the property to be used for the building, building picnic tables, etc.

Martin Tanner, Terry Webb, Gary MacDonald and some other helpers were out clearing the road into the park in the snow

Clearing the entrance for the road

February 2001

The application to the N.S. Sport and Recreation Commission for the development of Bennett Park was handed in on Thursday Feb 1, 2001.

Total in-kind hours committed ended up being 1907 hours.

Conrad Bros is giving us a 50% discount on all required materials like gravel, sand, crusher dust, etc. This will have at least a $5000 value, probably more. Thanks to them for their support and all the other in-kind donations like Bluenose Well Drilling, Fraser Construction, Atlantic Rentals, and Gary MacDonald (Trucking.) All donations (real or in-kind) with a value of $2000 or more will have their company name on a sign within the park.
Having this kind of support allowed us to ask for $30,000 from the province. We have also asked for support from HRM too.